The Briefcase

***WORK IN PROGRESS! These are the bare bones. Needs fleshing out!***

Leroy feels the weight of the gun in his hand as he crouches beside a brick wall. Kevin, his accomplice crouches beside him. The alley, in which they hide, begs and borrows what little light is to be offered by the lampposts on the main road.

‘We’ve got one,’ whispers Kevin, flashing a shiny blade in his hand, motioning for Leroy to stand up. Continue reading “The Briefcase”

Waiting Tables

Waiting tables has to be the worst job you can get. For one, it’s tiring – all that hovering. Secondly, you get sucked into other people’s lives when it’s not your intention or business to do so. You overhear bits and pieces but never the full story. And what does the mind automatically do? Connect the dots.

For instance; take this cafe, where I am working right now. Two attractive young women are having a right giggle along the far wall. Continue reading “Waiting Tables”