Dear Diary

Dear Diary

My friend gave me a beautiful notebook¬†– around the time I started to seriously write my novel. It turned into a ‘diary’ for my novel…. some days I wrote what was going on personally or why I hadn’t written in my novel since the last time…

But every time I sat to write, I wrote the minimum of:
– date
– words written that day
– total word count so far

Rabia Bashir Diary

Rabia Bashir Diary
Flicking back through it now fills me with a huge sense of achievement because I can see that my novel went from 3,000 words to the words ‘THE END’ and 70,209 words!

There’s an amazing feeling to be felt by keeping a writing diary – it sets in when you’re looking back to see how far you have traveled in words.


© Rabia Bashir 18th January 2014

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