Dream. Do. Done.


“You’re not a finisher,” my husband pointed out one day.

Those words cut me deep because somewhere inside my mind I knew he had a point.

I get plagued by dreams. By ideas.

I keep myself busy doing.

But giving all of my ideas a pedestal meant very few got completed.

“I’m not a finisher.” Those words haunted me until I took them, shook them and proved them wrong.

Now I relish the moment of ticking off a project. Now I focus on that finish.

Yes, it’s difficult. I have more ideas than I have hours. I have two children and a home depending on me. And yet I must focus. Because in the end, it’s the finish that matters.

(How annoying to have come up with Dream. Do. Done. today only to find they’ve been written already!)

Dear Children,

Be a dreamer.
Be a doer.
But most importantly, take on board your father’s words: be a finisher.

Love, Ammu xx


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