King of The Desert

I once ruled the desert, my worth knew no bounds
My resilience was awed, against sandy surrounds
All the while praying, mounted on my smooth back
Cultured men fought and chased far away tracks
More than just a creature, their family I became
Adorned with fine silks, and treated the same

I once ruled the desert, those days now long gone
My legs are bound tight, my glory outshone
A mechanical bearer,  on where I now sit
Watched by beloved desert, I feel her teeth grit
Passing shiny cold sculptures leaping up to the sky
Exhausted slaves toil, my heart it does cry

I once ruled the desert, why is this my demise?
The ransom of grease is no match for my pride
Once I stood proudly, now I don’t feel the ground
Herded like cattle, my objections propound
If I reign no more, who sits in my place?
He brings dollars and pounds, albeit no grace

I once ruled the desert, carrying men on my back
Today men carry me, how cruel is that?

© Rabia Bashir 12th December 2013 All Rights Reserved
Image: King of the Desert, Egypt © Rabia Bashir 2013

3 thoughts on “King of The Desert”

    1. Thank you K! My first poem which rhymes.
      I was inspired by a lot of rhyming poetry I’ve been reading lately (including in this group – especially yours!)

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