Motherhood: Feeling Lost

In the midst of the mothering madness, it’s easy to…

Feel Lost

Before children, we women had passions and purpose. Post children, these transferred to our little ones and we can end up feeling like a shadow of our former selves. Yes, I’m happy to be a mother and feel extremely blessed since it was a struggle to get here in the first place. But at times I find myself yearning for some of the things I used to do when I had time and different priorities.

I have learnt to deal with this by pursuing my passions in bite-sized chunks. I used to write pages, now I write a few lines.

And I urge my sisters to do the same. Make time to do something for yourself, no matter how rushed or small. You may not be 100% happy with it, but you will have done something for YOU and that’s what counts!

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