Pillaged Souls

My head used to reside amongst fluffy white clouds
In the days before I tuned into broadcasts of warWhat begins as protests and a thirst for overdue rights
Ends in orphaned children, their faces red raw

It’s Animal Farm all over again, but played out by us
How power corrupts and pillages souls, it absolves
Resolution for peace aches in hearts, but few wade in
And the rest of us watch or take part as humanity dissolves

© Rabia Bashir 1st January 2014 All Rights Reserved

7 thoughts on “Pillaged Souls”

  1. Rabia, your poem speaks to me of great misfortune.
    I can feel it..I think that you wrote this from the perspective of another country.
    I am sorry to learn of such sadness in the world from your young heart.

    1. Thank you D. My perspective is from living in comfortable surroundings, looking at images and reading stories of what human beings are doing to others in places caught up in genocide and war…Africa, Syria to name a few. The poem doesn’t even begin to capture my disbelief, pain, anger and disgust at what we as a race are capable of doing…

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