Ramadhan: In A Home Away From Home

When you’ve lost loved ones or simply are too far away; reviving a tradition you shared with them, I find, brings them closer to you.  Magically enough – you can almost feel their presence.

It was the first day of fasting yesterday and I missed being at home with my family.  I missed cooking with my mum, watching the clock tick as we packed dad’s ifthaar to follow him to work.  I missed scoffing my face with my brother at the stroke of sunset – only to feel too heavy to perform the late night prayers (which involve standing and prostrating over 25 times!).  I missed fighting with my sister over the lemon garnish.  And I missed watching Nan (who has no back teeth) squash food with her fingers just so she can enjoy the traditional dishes like the rest of us.

……so I set about putting together a spread of food which is traditionally devoured by my family on the first day of Ramadhan.  Preparing kisoori, sana bazi, dalir bora, kebabs and samosas kept my hands busy with a practical task while my mind flitted around to memories of Ramadhans past.

By the end of the night, I still missed my family – just a little less.  Feel truly blessed to have such wonderful memories of my family – not everybody is as fortunate.  Reflecting, giving thanks and praying for people worse off than us is what Ramadhan is all about.

© Rabia Bashir 2013

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