Beware of the Bubble Breachers

Soon after settling into an expat existence in Riyadh, I began to make a number of new friends. One of them, Fia, was giving some survival advice to a new mutual friend who had not long ago arrived in the Kingdom.

“Put your protective bubble on before you leave the house,” she said to Becky.  I nodded in agreement. Continue reading Beware of the Bubble Breachers

Petty Politics

It’s easy to get caught up in petty politics between colleagues, friends, family members or a random group of people.  It’s easy to stay quiet in an effort to sit on a diplomatic fence, watching the most outspoken battle it out on the ground below.  And it’s even easier to nod in agreement with one side or both only to then air your true feelings and views in private – behind backs.But how many times have you then gone home and lost appetite or sleep because your views didn’t get any airtime?  How many times have you kicked yourself for not standing up for what you believe to be right?  Usually your instincts and troubled mind are good indicators as to which fights you perhaps should have participated in.

Getting off the fence and standing up to loud mouthed people (in some cases, bullies) requires energy and guts.  And it can be more anxiety provoking than being a silent bystander.  But once it’s over, a great feeling of pride and a boost in confidence follows.  A simple “No.  I don’t agree with you.” can be momentous and a valuable building block of your future stronger self.

Pick and choose your battles – but battle you must – especially when your morals, values or beliefs are threatened.

© Rabia Bashir 2013